My first “semester” at university.

Well, I have just completed my first “semester” at university. It has been such a whirlwind of an adventure, so much has changed. I have met the most amazing people with the same interests at me and I can already tell we are going to be friends for life! Being at Bournemouth university it really is party central – the two weeks (yes, TWO WHOLE WEEKS) of freshers did almost kill me, oh the stories. I did end up in a pizza/kebab/subway/unhealthy food place almost every night… and the person I mainly stuck with for freshers was the type of person who didn’t really get drunk. I always woke up the next morning with a text from her saying “Are you alive? My god, you did some funny things last night” – The horror! I’m honestly not that bad with drink, I just happen to be what is commonly known as a “lightweight” – the worst sort of person to go out to town with.

But, it didn’t stop at freshers, no – it seems every night is party time. I am pretty good and rarely go out unless I either haven’t been out for awhile or there is something going on like a social with my course mates. I can completely understand why some people do fail uni because of the party lifestyle. How they can afford it I will never know.

Whoever said “A-levels are so much harder than university work” was lying. It’s absolute lies. I have a theory that all the lecturers get together and say “I know! Let’s put all the assignments due date on the same week mwahahaha” Yeah, cheers buddies. It is a lot of fun though because it is something I am interested in! I get to do videos and write scripts, it’s pretty creative and we get a whole lot of freedom. It’s so different from sixth form or college where you get in trouble for not turning up or not being late. The main difference is, I think, the lecturers – or “teachers” – I am not sure whether it’s because I am on a creative course or not but all my lecturers and tutors are pretty wacky and balmy. We had a media social which was basically everyone getting drunk with the lecturers and they were hilarious, no way could we do that with sixth form teachers!

I have also fallen asleep in quite a few university lectures. If the light goes down I always go for a nap – at the beginning of university I looked around and saw all these students walking around with costa cups and couldn’t understand why. Now I do. When someone asks what I do I always say “I’m part time student; part time napper”. Uni life just sucks all energy out of you. All I want to do is nap. I don’t even know how I managed to get to school for 8 each morning and get home at 4.30. How? Was I some sort of genius who has now lost their powers? I don’t know!

It still hasn’t quite sunken in that I am a “university student” – I mean, no way am I old enough for that role! No way. I’m at heart still a child, I’m going to Disneyland in the new year and I am ridiculously excited, more excited that a university student ever would be! But, I am looking forward to what is in store for me in the next 3 years or so, it’ll be so much handwork but a whole lot of fun. Totally worth it, even with all the napping.


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